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Who we are:

Vocational High School - Elektroniczne Zakłady Naukowe (EZN) named after Frederic Joliot-Curie - is a complex of state schools, which leading organ is the Municipality of Wroclaw. The school was established in 1963 and is the oldest one in Wroclaw educating electronic and IT technicians. The school consists of: Technical School no. 10 , Post-secondary School no 4 and Scholar and Practical Training Center.

Our goals:

The primary objective that we set ourselves is to provide a high standart of training and equipment to our students and to convey them the knowledge and skills that will allow them to pass external examinations.

Equally important for is to support young people in building their own personality, which is why we care about teaching proper attitudes to life, indicating individual ways of self-development and preparing students to take up a variety of social roles and tasks.

Our advantages:

Our school’s staff is a team of educators with extensive experience and high qualifications. Most of them are appointed teachers, certified teachers and qualified examiners in their fields. Several young engineers from our teaching staff continue education on PhD studies at University of Technology in Wrocław.

To ensure the best quality of education we analyze and adjust teaching content, modify programs, Moreover, in cooperation with Wrocław’s companies we prepare specialization classes and apprenticeship. Vocational training is carried out on the basis of its own educational facilities and those in Practical Training Centre. We have six computer labs and two electronic one . All the users have the ability to use wireless Internet access. We have two gymnasiums and a fitness room, but our students also benefit from other forms of sports like swimming or skating.

In May and June 2011 the first graduates of the new four-year technical secondary school external professional and external matriculation exams. Our students obtained the best results among technical schools in Wroclaw. Most of the graduates continue their studies. We are pleased also popular because of a friendly atmosphere, attractiveness of school life, a wide range of extracurricular activities and safety of students.

High standard of teaching , friendly atmosphere and openness to the challenges of new times.

Who we educate:

Currently in EZN study about 650 students in three fields: electronics technician, IT technician, mechatronics technician.
Under the Local Cisco Networking Academy, which functions in our preparing for CCNA certification exams. school, we organize courses